Dosti Shayari in Hindi Best Friendship Quotes

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Dosti Shayari in Hindi: Best Friendship Quotes

Friendship is a beautiful bond that enriches our lives with love, laughter, and unforgettable memories. In the realm of emotions, there’s nothing quite like the warmth and companionship that true friends provide. Dosti Shayari, a form of expressive poetry in Hindi, encapsulates the essence of friendship in eloquent verses. Let’s dive into the world of Dosti Shayari and explore some of the best friendship quotes that celebrate this cherished connection.

Table of Contents

  1. Introduction to Dosti Shayari
  2. The Significance of Friendship
  3. Expressing Friendship through Shayari
  4. Heartfelt Dosti Shayari
    • H2: “Ae Dost, Zindagi Ki Raahein”
    • H2: “Dosti Ka Ek Pyaara Sa Bandhan”
    • H2: “Yaari Ki Kahaani, Dil Se Bayaan”
  5. Funny Dosti Shayari
    • H2: “Dost Banaaya Mobile Ne Bevkuf”
    • H2: “Yaar Ki Yaari, Majak Ka Jaadu”
  6. Inspirational Friendship Quotes
    • H2: “Dost Hain Toh Hausla Buland”
    • H2: “Dosti Se Badhkar Kuch Nahi”
  7. Celebrating Lifelong Bonds
  8. The Evolution of Dosti Shayari
  9. The Universal Language of Friendship
  10. Embracing Friends as Family
  11. A Heartfelt Thank You to Friends
  12. Preserving Friendships in a Digital Age
  13. The Impact of True Friendship
  14. Reflecting Through Dosti Shayari
  15. H2: “Jab Yaar Ki Dosti Mein”

Introduction to Dosti Shayari

Dosti Shayari is more than just words strung together; it’s an art form that paints the emotions of friendship with vivid metaphors and heartfelt verses. In Hindi literature, Shayari has been a means to express profound emotions, and when it comes to friendship, it becomes a medium to convey the deep bond between friends.

The Significance of Friendship

Friendship is a treasure trove of shared moments, trust, and unconditional support. It’s a relationship that stands the test of time, enriching our lives with shared experiences and unbreakable connections. Whether through joy or sorrow, friends stand by each other, making life’s journey all the more beautiful.

Expressing Friendship through Shayari

Dosti Shayari beautifully captures the essence of friendship, allowing emotions to flow like a river on paper. It’s a way to articulate the unspoken, giving voice to the feelings that dwell in the heart. Through the rhythm of words, Dosti Shayari conveys emotions that resonate with those who understand the power of true friendship.

Heartfelt Dosti Shayari

“Ae Dost, Zindagi Ki Raahein”

Dosti Shayari, like this one, reminds us that friends are the guiding stars in the journey of life. Just as they illuminate the darkest nights, friends light up our lives with their presence.

“Dosti Ka Ek Pyaara Sa Bandhan”

This Shayari celebrates the unique bond of friendship, describing it as a precious bond that surpasses all boundaries. It’s a bond that brings people together, no matter their differences.

“Yaari Ki Kahaani, Dil Se Bayaan”

Friendship stories are best narrated from the heart. This Shayari emphasizes that the tales of friendship are heartfelt and genuine, reflecting the purity of the relationship.

Funny Dosti Shayari

“Dost Banaaya Mobile Ne Bevkuf”

In the digital age, even mobile phones can become friends, but they might also fool us at times. This humorous Shayari adds a light touch to the modern nuances of friendship.

“Yaar Ki Yaari, Majak Ka Jaadu”

Friends have a unique way of weaving magic through their camaraderie. This Shayari playfully captures how friends sprinkle the enchantment of laughter and joy in our lives.

Inspirational Friendship Quotes

“Dost Hain Toh Hausla Buland”

Having friends by our side gives us the courage to face life’s challenges. This inspirational Shayari reminds us that friends uplift our spirits and embolden us to overcome obstacles.

“Dosti Se Badhkar Kuch Nahi”

Friendship is a treasure greater than any riches. This Shayari highlights that true friendship is priceless and holds more value than any material possession.

Celebrating Lifelong Bonds

Friendship doesn’t just fill a chapter in our lives; it writes the entire book. It’s a saga of shared moments, whispered secrets, and unwavering support. Through the highs and lows, friends remain a constant source of strength and joy.

The Evolution of Dosti Shayari

Dosti Shayari has evolved over the years, adapting to the changing times while retaining its emotional depth. From handwritten letters to digital messages, the essence of expressing friendship through words remains constant.

The Universal Language of Friendship

Friendship knows no language barriers. It speaks through gestures, smiles, and shared experiences. Dosti Shayari transcends language, connecting hearts that resonate with the emotions it conveys.

Embracing Friends as Family

Friends are the family we choose. Dosti Shayari encapsulates the sentiment that friends become an integral part of our lives, offering unwavering support and a sense of belonging.

A Heartfelt Thank You to Friends

Amid the hustle and bustle of life, expressing gratitude to friends often goes unsaid. Dosti Shayari encourages us to express our thankfulness and let our friends know how much they mean to us.

Preserving Friendships in a Digital Age

In an era of digital connections, preserving the authenticity of friendships is vital. Dosti Shayari reminds us that amidst emojis and texts, genuine emotions should never be lost.

The Impact of True Friendship

True friends leave a lasting impact on our lives. Their presence shapes our thoughts, decisions, and experiences. Dosti Shayari captures the profound influence friends have on our journey.

Reflecting Through Dosti Shayari

Dosti Shayari isn’t just about words; it’s about introspection. It prompts us to reflect on the friends we have, the memories we’ve created, and the bonds that enrich our lives.

“Jab Yaar Ki Dosti Mein”

In the end, Dosti Shayari encourages us to cherish every moment spent with friends. It reminds us that when friendship is the foundation, life becomes a beautiful poem of shared dreams.


Dosti Shayari weaves a tapestry of emotions, painting the canvas of friendship with vivid hues. As we journey through life, let’s remember the magic of Dosti Shayari and how it celebrates the cherished bonds that make life extraordinary.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Q: What is Dosti Shayari?
    • A: Dosti Shayari is a form of poetry in Hindi that beautifully expresses the emotions and bonds of friendship.
  2. Q: How does Dosti Shayari impact friendships?
    • A: Dosti Shayari captures the essence of friendship, helping friends express their emotions and strengthen their connections.
  3. Q: Can Dosti Shayari be humorous?
    • A: Absolutely! Dosti Shayari encompasses a range of emotions, including humor, adding a playful touch to the celebration of friendship.
  4. Q: Is Dosti Shayari only for Hindi speakers?
    • A: While originally in Hindi, the emotions conveyed by Dosti Shayari are universal, making it relatable to people regardless of language.
  5. Q: Where can I find more Dosti Shayari?
    • A: You can explore Dosti Shayari in Hindi poetry books, online platforms, and social media dedicated to literature.

Dosti Shayari in Hindi Best Friendship Quotes

आसमान ☁से तोड़ कर सितारा ⭐दिया है!!
आलम-ए-तन्हाई👨‍🦱 में एक शरारा दिया है!!
मेरी👰 किस्मत भी नाज़ करती है 🧏‍♂️मुझप!!
खुदा🙏 ने दोस्त ही इतना प्यारा 🌷दिया है!!

aasamaan ☁se tod kar sitaara ⭐diya hai!!
aalam-e-tanhaee👨‍🦱 mein ek sharaara diya hai!!
meree👰 kismat bhee naaz karatee hai 🧏‍♂mujhap!!
khuda🙏 ne dost hee itana pyaara 🌷diya hai!!

The sky has been broken like this and given a star !!
A sharara has been given in Alam-e-Tanhai.
My luck also makes me proud.
God has given such a sweet friend only !!

दोस्ती 🤝नाम है सुख-दुःख की 🤷‍♂️कहानी का!!
दोस्ती👫 राज है सदा ही मुस्कुराने🤓 का!!
ये कोई पल 🤨भर की जान-पहचान 👉नहीं है!!
दोस्ती 🤝वादा है उम्र भर साथ 🙏निभाने का!!

dostee 🤝naam hai sukh-duhkh kee 🤷‍♂kahaanee ka!!
dostee👫 raaj hai sada hee muskuraane🤓 ka!!
ye koee pal 🤨bhar kee jaan-pahachaan 👉nahin hai!!
dostee 🤝vaada hai umr bhar saath 🙏nibhaane ka!!

Friendship is the name of the story of happiness and sorrow!!
Friendship is the secret of always smiling !!
This is not a moment’s acquaintance!!
Friendship is a promise to keep together for a lifetime !!

जो 🧏‍♂️कोई समझ न सके वो बात है 🙇हम!!
जो ढल 👉के नई सुबह लाये वो रात 🌌हैं हम!!
छोड़ 👨‍🦱देते हैं लोग रिस्ते👰 बनाकर यूँ ही!!
जो 👉कभी न छूटे ऐसा साथ 🤝हैं हम!!

jo 🧏‍♂koee samajh na sake vo baat hai 🙇ham!!
jo dhal 👉ke naee subah laaye vo raat 🌌hain ham!!
chhod 👨‍🦱dete hain log riste👰 banaakar yoon hee!!
jo 👉kabhee na chhoote aisa saath 🤝hain ham!!

What ️ no one can understand is the thing We !!
We are the nights that bring new dawns.
People leave people just like this by making relationships !!
We are the one who never leaves.

एक जैसे दोस्त 👫सारे नही होते!!
कुछ 👨‍🦱हमारे होकर भी हमारे 🤷‍♂️नहीं होते!!
आपसे 🤝दोस्ती करने के बाद 🤷‍♂️महसूस हुआ!!
कौन👉 कहता है तारे🌌 जमीन पर नहीं होते!!

ek jaise dost 👫saare nahee hote!!
kuchh 👨‍🦱hamaare hokar bhee hamaare 🤷‍♂naheen hote!!
aapase 🤝dostee karane ke baad 🤷‍♂mahasoos hua!!
kaun👉 kahata hai taare🌌 jameen par nahin hote!!

Not all friends are the same!!
Some ️ are not our ️ even after being us !!
Felt ️ like being friends with you!!
Who says the stars don’t exist on the ground!!

जो ❤️दिल के हो करीब उसे रुसवा 👸नहीं करते!!
यूँ अपनी दोस्ती 🤝का तमाशा नहीं करते!!
खामोश 🧏‍♂️रहोगे तो घुटन और बढ़ेगी!!
अपनों👸 से कोई बात छुपाया 🧏‍♂️नहीं करते!!

jo ❤dil ke ho kareeb use rusava 👸nahin karate!!
yoon apanee dostee 🤝ka tamaasha nahin karate!!
khaamosh 🧏‍♂rahoge to ghutan aur badhegee!!
apanon👸 se koee baat chhupaaya 🧏‍♂naheen karate!!

Those who are close to the heart, do not make them angry!!
Don’t make a spectacle of your friends like this!!
If you remain silent, suffocation will increase.
Don’t hide anything from your loved ones.

हर पल की दोस्ती👫 का इरादा है आपसे!!
अपनापन🤴 ही कुछ ज्यादा है 👨‍🦱आपसे!!
साथ🤝 रहेंगे आपके उम्र👰 भर के लिए!!
हमेशा दोस्ती👫 निभाएंगे वादा 🙏है आपसे!!

har pal kee dostee👫 ka iraada hai aapase!!
apanaapan🤴 hee kuchh jyaada hai 👨‍🦱aapase!!
saath🤝 rahenge aapake umr👰 bhar ke lie!!
hamesha dostee👫 nibhaenge vaada 🙏hai aapase!!

Friendship of every moment is intended for you !!
Self-love is something more than you!!
Will be with you for a lifetime!!
Will always keep friendship promise 🙏 to you !!

ना तुम👰 दूर जाना ना हम दूर 👨‍🦱जायेंगे!!
अपने-अपने 👉हिस्से की दोस्ती 🤝निभाएंगे!!

na tum👰 door jaana na ham door 👨‍🦱jaayenge!!
apane-apane 👉hisse kee dostee 🤝nibhaenge!!

Neither you go away nor we will go away !!
We will play our part in friendship!!

छूले☁ आसमान ज़मीन की तलाश👉 ना कर!!
जी ले ज़िंदगी👰 खुशी की तलाश 🤷‍♂️ना कर!!
तकदीर🧏‍♀️ बदल जाएगी खुद ही मेरे🤝 दोस्त!!
मुस्कुराना🤓 सीख ले वजह की तलाश🧏‍♀️ ना कर!!

chhoole☁ aasamaan zameen kee talaash👉 na kar!!
jee le zindagee👰 khushee kee talaash 🤷‍♂na kar!!
takadeer🧏‍♀ badal jaegee khud hee mere🤝 dost!!
muskuraana🤓 seekh le vajah kee talaash🧏‍♀ na kar!!

Touch the sky, search for the land, don’t do it!!
Live life, search for happiness, don’t do it!!
Destiny will change itself, my friend!!
Learn to smile, look for the reason, don’t do it!!

यादों 👸के भंवर में एक पल 👨‍🦱हमारा हो!!
खिलते🌷 चमन में एक गुल 🎀हमारा हो!!
जब याद🧏‍♀️ करें आप अपने 🤝दोस्तों को!!
उन 🙏नामों में बस एक नाम 👸हमारा हो!!

yaadon 👸ke bhanvar mein ek pal 👨‍🦱hamaara ho!!
khilate🌷 chaman mein ek gul 🎀hamaara ho!!
jab yaad🧏‍♀ karen aap apane 🤝doston ko!!
un 🙏naamon mein bas ek naam 👸hamaara ho!!

one moment in the whirlpool of memories is ours!!
There is a flower in the blooming, Chaman, ours!!
When you remember your friends !!
Only one name in those names is ours!!

वो दिल❤️ क्या जो मिलने की 🙏दुआ न करे!!
तुम्हे 👰भूल कर जियूं ये खुदा🤲 न करे!!
रहे तेरी 🤝दोस्ती मेरी ज़िन्दगी👰 बन कर!!
ये बात 🧏‍♂️और है ज़िन्दगी 🤷‍♂️वफ़ा न करे!!

vo dil❤ kya jo milane kee 🙏dua na kare!!
tumhe 👰bhool kar jiyoon ye khuda🤲 na kare!!
rahe teree 🤝dostee meree zindagee👰 ban kar!!
ye baat 🧏‍♂aur hai zindagee 🤷‍♂vafa na kare!!

That heart ️ What does not pray for a meeting !!
Live by forgetting you, God won’t do this!!
May your friendship be my life !!
This thing is ️ and life ️ don’t be unfaithful!!

खामोशियों👰 में धीमी सी 🤓आवाज़ है!!
तन्हाईयों 🧏‍♀️में भी एक गहरा 🧏‍♂️राज़ है!!
मिलते👩‍⚕ नही हैं सबको अच्छे 🤝दोस्त यहाँ!!
आप 🧏‍♂️जो मिले हो हमें खुद🙏 पर नाज़ है!!

khaamoshiyon👰 mein dheemee see 🤓aavaaz hai!!
tanhaeeyon 🧏‍♀men bhee ek gahara 🧏‍♂raaz hai!!
milate👩‍⚕ nahee hain sabako achchhe 🤝dost yahaan!!
aap 🧏‍♂jo mile ho hamen khud🙏 par naaz hai!!

There is a slow voice in the silence!!
There is a deep secret even in loneliness.
Don’t meet everyone, good friends, here!!
We are proud of ourselves ️ who you have met !!

Dosti Shayari

हर 🤝दोस्ती दिल❤️ के करीब नही होती!!
गमो 🙆से ज़िंदगी दूर नही🙅‍♂️ होती!!
ऐ मेरे 🧏‍♂️दोस्त दोस्ती 🤝संजो के रखना!!
हर 👉किसी को दोस्ती👫 नसीब नही होती!!

har 🤝dostee dil❤ ke kareeb nahee hotee!!
gamo 🙆se zindagee door nahee🙅‍♂ hotee!!
ai mere 🧏‍♂dost dostee 🤝sanjo ke rakhana!!
har 👉kisee ko dostee👫 naseeb nahee hotee!!

Not every friendship is close to the heart !!
Lifelike this is not fair ️ !!
Oh my ️ friend, keep the friendship cherished!!
Not everyone is lucky enough to have friendship!!

तन्हाई 👰सी थी दुनिया 🥎की भीड़ में!!
सोचा 👩‍⚕कोई अपना नहीं 🧏‍♀️तकदीर में!!
एक 👸दिन जब दोस्ती की आपसे👨‍🦱 तो यूँ लगा!!
कुछ ख़ास 🌷था मेरे हाथ की 🖐लकीर में!!

tanhaee 👰see thee duniya 🥎kee bheed mein!!
socha 👩‍⚕koee apana nahin 🧏‍♀takadeer mein!!
ek 👸din jab dostee kee aapase👨‍🦱 to yoon laga!!
kuchh khaas 🌷tha mere haath kee 🖐lakeer mein!!

Such was the loneliness in the crowd of the world!!
Though no one is yours ️ in fate !!
One day when friendship with you felt like this !!
Something special was in the line of my hand!!

एहसास👰 बहुत होगा जब छोड़🧏‍♂️ के जाएंगे!!
रोयेंगे 😤बहुत मगर आँसू 😭नहीं आएँगे!!
जब साथ👫 कोई ना दे तो आवाज़ 🤓हमें देना!!
आसमान ☁पर होंगे तो भी लौट🤷‍♂️ के आएंगे!!

ehasaas👰 bahut hoga jab chhod🧏‍♂ ke jaenge!!
royenge 😤bahut magar aansoo 😭nahin aaenge!!
jab saath👫 koee na de to aavaaz 🤓hamen dena!!
aasamaan ☁par honge to bhee laut🤷‍♂ ke aaenge!!

The feeling will be enough when you leave ️ !!
I Will cry many but tears will not come !!
When no one gives support, then give voice to us!!
Even if it is on the sky, it will come back!!

भरोसा🤷‍♂️ रखो हमारी दोस्ती🤝 पर!!
हम 👨‍🦱किसी का दिल दुखाया 🙆नही करते!!
आप 🧏‍♂️और आपका अंदाज़ हमे अच्छा🤷‍♂️ लगा!!
वरना👨‍🦱 हम किसी को दोस्त👫 बनाया नही करते!!

bharosa🤷‍♂ rakho hamaaree dostee🤝 par!!
ham 👨‍🦱kisee ka dil dukhaaya 🙆nahee karate!!
aap 🧏‍♂aur aapaka andaaz hame achchha🤷‍♂ laga!!
varana👨‍🦱 ham kisee ko dost👫 banaaya nahee karate!!

Keep trust ️ in our friendship !!
We don’t hurt anyone’s heart!!
You ️ and we liked your idea ️ !!
Otherwise, we don’t make anyone friends!!

Dosti Shayari in Hindi Best Friendship Quotes

हर खुशी 🤠से खूबसूरत तेरी🌌 शाम कर दूँ!!
अपना 👰प्यार और दोस्ती 🤝तेरे नाम कर दूँ!!
मिल👉 जाये अगर दोबारा ये ज़िन्दगी🙅‍♂️ ऐ दोस्!!,
हर बार🧏‍♂️ ये ज़िन्दगी तुझ पे👰 कुर्बान कर दूँ!!

har khushee 🤠se khoobasoorat teree🌌 shaam kar doon!!
apana 👰pyaar aur dostee 🤝tere naam kar doon!!
mil👉 jaaye agar dobaara ye zindagee🙅‍♂ ai dos!!,
har baar🧏‍♂ ye zindagee tujh pe👰 kurbaan kar doon!!

Let me make every happiness such a beautiful evening yours!!
Let my love and friendship be in your name!!
If you meet again this life ️ O friend!!,
Every time ️ I should sacrifice this life on you !!

Dosti Shayari in Hindi

कुछ🌊 वक़्त का इंतज़ार मिला👰 मुझको!!
पर खुदा🤲 से बढकर यार मिला 👨‍🦱मुझको!!
न रही 🧏‍♂️तमन्ना किसी जन्नत👸 की मुझे!!
तेरी दोस्ती 🤝से वो प्यार मिला 🤴मुझको!!

kuchh🌊 vaqt ka intazaar mila👰 mujhako!!
par khuda🤲 se badhakar yaar mila 👨‍🦱mujhako!!
na rahee 🧏‍♂tamanna kisee jannat👸 kee mujhe!!
teree dostee 🤝se vo pyaar mila 🤴mujhako!!

I got waiting for some time!!
But more than God, I found a friend.
I did not wish for any paradise !!
You got that love from your friendship I got it !!

दोस्ती🤝 वो एहसास है जो 👸मिलता नहीं!!
दोस्ती 👫वो पर्वत है जो झुकता🙇 नहीं!!
इसकी 🤗कीमत क्या है पूछो 🧏‍♂️हमसे!!
ये वो अनमोल🏉 मोती है जो बिकता नहीं!!

dostee🤝 vo ehasaas hai jo 👸milata nahin!!
dostee 👫vo parvat hai jo jhukata🙇 nahin!!
isakee 🤗keemat kya hai poochho 🧏‍♂hamase!!
ye vo anamol🏉 motee hai jo bikata nahin!!

Friendship is that feeling which is not available !!
Friendship is the mountain that does not bow!!
What is its price ask ️ us !!
This is that precious pearl which does not sell !!

आपकी 🤝दोस्ती की एक नज़र 🤓चाहिए!!
दिल ❤️है बेघर उसे एक घर🏬 चाहिए!!
बस 🧏‍♂️यूँही साथ चलते रहो ऐ👫 दोस्त!!
यह दोस्ती🤝 हमें उम्र भर चाहिए!!

aapakee 🤝dostee kee ek nazar 🤓chaahie!!
dil ❤hai beghar use ek ghar🏬 chaahie!!
bas 🧏‍♂yoonhee saath chalate raho ai👫 dost!!
yah dostee🤝 hamen umr bhar chaahie!!

Your friendship needs a look!!
The heart is homeless, it needs a home!!
Just keep walking together friend !!
We need this friendship for a lifetime!!

जिक्र🧏‍♂️ हुआ जब खुदा की 🙅‍♂️रहमतों का!!
हमने 👰खुद को खुश नसीब 👸पाया!!
तमन्ना 🤗थी एक प्यारे से दोस्त🌊 की!!
खुदा 🤴खुद दोस्त बनकर🥎 चला आया!!

jikr🧏‍♂ hua jab khuda kee 🙅‍♂rahamaton ka!!
hamane 👰khud ko khush naseeb 👸paaya!!
tamanna 🤗thee ek pyaare se dost🌊 kee!!
khuda 🤴khud dost banakar🥎 chala aaya!!

The mention ️ happened when God’s ️ mercy!!
We found ourselves happy luck!!
Wishing you a dear friend!!
God himself came as a friend !!

Dosti ki Shayari

सुरज🌞 कॆ सामने रात🌑 नही होती!!
सितारो ⭐सॆ दिल की बात नही👰 होती!!
जिन🤝 दोस्तो को हम दिल❤️ सॆ चाहतॆ है!!
न जानॆ क्यो 🧏‍♂️उनसॆ मुलाकात नही होती!!

suraj🌞 kai saamane raat🌑 nahee hotee!!
sitaaro ⭐sai dil kee baat nahee👰 hotee!!
jin🤝 dosto ko ham dil❤ sai chaahatai hai!!
na jaanai kyo 🧏‍♂unasai mulaakaat nahee hotee!!

There is no night in front of the sun !!
Stars don’t talk about hearts!!
Whose friends we love heartily!!
Don’t know why ️they do not meet !!

आपकी👰 हमारी दोस्ती🤝 सुरों का साज है!!
आप 👰जैसे दोस्त पर 👩‍⚕हमें नाज़ है!!
अब चाहे🤷‍♂️ कुछ भी हो जाये👰 जिंदगी में!!
दोस्ती🤝 वैसे ही रहेगी जैसे 🧏‍♂️आज है!!

aapakee👰 hamaaree dostee🤝 suron ka saaj hai!!
aap 👰jaise dost par 👩‍⚕hamen naaz hai!!
ab chaahe🤷‍♂ kuchh bhee ho jaaye👰 jindagee mein!!
dostee🤝 vaise hee rahegee jaise 🧏‍♂aaj hai!!

Our friendship is the instrument of the notes !!
We are proud of a friend like you!!
Now whatever happens, whatever happens in life!!
Friendship will remain the same as it is today!!

मांगी🤓 खुशियां तो जिंदगी🤷‍♂️ दे दी!!
अंधेरों 🌑ने भी हमें रोशनी🌌 दे दी!!
रब 🤲से पूछा मेरे लिए क्या हसीन🤓 तोहफा है!!
जवाब में उसने👰 आपकी दोस्ती 🤝दे दी!!

maangee🤓 khushiyaan to jindagee🤷‍♂ de dee!!
andheron 🌑ne bhee hamen roshanee🌌 de dee!!
rab 🤲se poochha mere lie kya haseen🤓 tohapha hai!!
javaab mein usane👰 aapakee dostee 🤝de dee!!

Asked for happiness, gave life ️ !!
Darkness also gave us light!!
The Lord asked like this, what is a beautiful gift for me !!
In response, he gave your friendship!!

ऐ दोस्त👫 तेरी दोस्ती 🤝पर नाज़ हैं!!
हर🌍 वक्त मिलने की फरीयाद 😛करते हैं!!
हमें नहीं पता घर🏬 वाले बताते हैं!!
हम 😔निंद में भी आपसे 👩‍💼बात करते हैं!!

ai dost👫 teree dostee 🤝par naaz hain!!
har🌍 vakt milane kee phareeyaad 😛karate hain!!
hamen nahin pata ghar🏬 vaale bataate hain!!
ham 😔nind mein bhee aapase 👩‍💼baat karate hain!!

O friend, I am proud of your friendship!!
Pray to meet all the time!!
We don’t know what the people of the house tell!!
We talk to you even in sleep!!

करनी है 🤲खुदा से गुजारिश!!
तेरी🤝 दोस्ती के सिवा कोई👲 बंदगी न मिले!!
हर जनम👷‍♀️ में मिले दोस्त 🤝तेरे जैसा!!
या फिर कभी👰 जिंदगी न मिले!!

karanee hai 🤲khuda se gujaarish!!
teree🤝 dostee ke siva koee👲 bandagee na mile!!
har janam👷‍♀ mein mile dost 🤝tere jaisa!!
ya phir kabhee👰 jindagee na mile!!

Have to ask God !!
No one should be found except your friendship.
Friends found in every birth ️ like you !!
Or never get a life again!!

Dosti Shayari in Hindi

सच्ची 👫है मेरी दोस्ती 🤝आजमा के देखलो!!
करके👰 यकीं मुझ पे मेरे पास🧏‍♂️ आ के देखलो!!
बदलता 🧏‍♂️नहीं कभी सोना 🪐अपना रंग!!
जितनी 🤷‍♂️बार चाहे आग 💥लगा कर देखलो!!

sachchee 👫hai meree dostee 🤝aajama ke dekhalo!!
karake👰 yakeen mujh pe mere paas🧏‍♂ aa ke dekhalo!!
badalata 🧏‍♂naheen kabhee sona 🪐apana rang!!
jitanee 🤷‍♂baar chaahe aag 💥laga kar dekhalo!!

True is my friends try it and see !!
By doing, I’m sure I’ll have a look!
Changes ️Never gold own colour!!
Look at the fire as many times as you want!!

तुम 👰सदा मुस्कुराते रहो ये तमन्ना👲 है हमारी!!
हर दुआ🤲 में माँगी है बस खुशी 🧏‍♂️तुम्हारी!!
तुम सारी🌍 दुनिया को दोस्त 👫बना कर देख लो!!
फ़िर🤷‍♂️ भी महसूस करोगे कमी👰 हमारी!!

tum 👰sada muskuraate raho ye tamanna👲 hai hamaaree!!
har dua🤲 mein maangee hai bas khushee 🧏‍♂tumhaaree!!
tum saaree🌍 duniya ko dost 👫bana kar dekh lo!!
fir🤷‍♂ bhee mahasoos karoge kamee👰 hamaaree!!

You keep smiling always, this is our wish!!
In every prayer, only happiness is sought ️ yours !!
You see the whole world as a friend!!
Then ️ you will also feel the lack of us !!

साथ 👫अगर दोगे तो मुस्कुराएंगे🤓 ज़रूर!!
प्यार👰 अगर दिल ❤️से करोगे तो निभाएंगे ज़रूर!!
कितने भी काँटे🌟 क्यों ना हों दोस्ती🤝 कीराहों में!!
आवाज़ अगर ❤️दिल से दोगे तो आएंगे ज़रूर!!

saath 👫agar doge to muskuraenge🤓 zaroor!!
pyaar👰 agar dil ❤se karoge to nibhaenge zaroor!!
kitane bhee kaante🌟 kyon na hon dostee🤝 keeraahon mein!!
aavaaz agar ❤dil se doge to aaenge zaroor!!

If you give along, you will smile for sure!!
If you do it with love, then you will definitely do it!!
No matter how many thorns, why should there not be friendship, in the streets !!
If you give voice ️ from the heart, then it will surely come!!

दिए🪔 तो आँधी 🌑में भी जला करते हैं!!
गुलाब 🌹तो काँटो 🌵में भी खिला करते हैं!!
खुशनसीब👸 बहुत होती है वो🌌 शाम!!
दोस्त 👫आप जैसे जब मिला🤷‍♂️ करते हैं!!

die🪔 to aandhee 🌑mein bhee jala karate hain!!
gulaab 🌹to kaanto 🌵mein bhee khila karate hain!!
khushanaseeb👸 bahut hotee hai vo🌌 shaam!!
dost 👫aap jaise jab mila🤷‍♂ karate hain!!

If given, they burn even in the storm !!
Roses also feed on thorns.
Very lucky that evening !!
Friend like you do when you meet ️ !!

Dosti Shayari 2 Line

लोग 👲कहते हैं ज़मीन पर किसी को🤲 खुदा नहीं मिलता!!
शायद 👰उन्हें दोस्त कोई तुम 👩‍⚕सा नहीं मिलता!!
किस्मत🧏‍♂️ वालों को ही मिलती है पनाह👷‍♀️ किसी के दिल में!!
यूँ हर 🌵शख्स को तो जन्नत👨‍👩‍👧‍👦 का पता नहीं मिलता!!

log 👲kahate hain zameen par kisee ko🤲 khuda nahin milata!!
shaayad 👰unhen dost koee tum 👩‍⚕sa nahin milata!!
kismat🧏‍♂ vaalon ko hee milatee hai panaah👷‍♀ kisee ke dil mein!!
yoon har 🌵shakhs ko to jannat👨‍👩‍👧‍👦 ka pata nahin milata!!

People say that no one gets God on the ground !!
Maybe they don’t get a friend like you!!
Luck ️ only those who get shelter ️ in someone’s heart !!
Like this every person does not get the address of Jannat !!

गुनाह 🖕करके सजा से 🧓डरते है!!
ज़हर🗣️ पी के दवा से 💂‍♀️डरते है!!
दुश्मनो 👨‍🔧के सितम का खौफ 👩‍🚒नहीं हमे!!
हम दोस्तों👫 के खफा होने से 🤷‍♂️डरते है!!

gunaah 🖕karake saja se 🧓darate hai!!
zahar🗣 pee ke dava se 💂‍♀darate hai!!
dushmano 👨‍🔧ke sitam ka khauph 👩‍🚒nahin hame!!
ham doston👫 ke khapha hone se 🤷‍♂darate hai!!

Afraid of punishment by committing a crime.
Poison ️ is afraid of PK medicine !!
The fear of the enemy, not us !!
We are afraid of getting angry with friends!!

Dosti Shayari in Hindi Best Friendship Quotes

एक🌑 रात रब ने मेरे दिल ❤️से पूछा!!
तू दोस्ती 🤝में इतना क्यूँ 🧏‍♂️खोया है!!
दिल❤️ बोला दोस्तों 👫ने ही दी हैं सारी🤓खुशियाँ!!
वरना 🧏‍♂️प्यार करके तो दिल ❤️हमेशा रोया है!!

ek🌑 raat rab ne mere dil ❤se poochha!!
too dostee 🤝mein itana kyoon 🧏‍♂khoya hai!!
dil❤ bola doston 👫ne hee dee hain saaree🤓khushiyaan!!
varana 🧏‍♂pyaar karake to dil ❤hamesha roya hai!!

One night the Lord asked my heart ️ !!
Why have you lost so much in friendship !!
Heart ️ Said friends He has given all the happiness !!
Otherwise the heart has always cried by making love!!

चंद 🌙लम्हों की जिंदगानी👰 है!!
नफरतों🧏‍♂️ से जिया नहीं 🙅करते!!
दुश्मनों🦹‍♀️ से गुजारिश करनी 🙎‍♂️पड़ेगी!!
दोस्त 👫तो अब याद किया 😫नहीं करते!!

chand 🌙lamhon kee jindagaanee👰 hai!!
napharaton🧏‍♂ se jiya nahin 🙅karate!!
dushmanon🦹‍♀ se gujaarish karanee 🙎‍♂padegee!!
dost 👫to ab yaad kiya 😫nahin karate!!

It is the life of a few moments!!
Don’t live with hate ️ !!
️ Will have to request the enemies ️ !!
Friend so remembered now don’t do it !!

हर ख़ुशी😁 से ख़ूबसूरत तेरी 🌌शाम कर दूँ!!
अपना 👰प्यार और दोस्ती👫 तेरे नाम कर दूँ!!
मिल 👩‍⚕जाये अगर दुबारा यह ज़िन्दगी🤝 दोस्त!!
हर बार मैं ये 👰ज़िन्दगी तुझ पर कुर्बान🤷‍♂️ कर दूँ!!

har khushee😁 se khoobasoorat teree 🌌shaam kar doon!!
apana 👰pyaar aur dostee👫 tere naam kar doon!!
mil 👩‍⚕jaaye agar dubaara yah zindagee🤝 dost!!
har baar main ye 👰zindagee tujh par kurbaan🤷‍♂ kar doon!!

Let me make your evening beautiful with every happiness!!
Let me give my love and friendship in your name !!
Meet if this life again friend !!
Every time I sacrifice this life on you!!

Dosti Shayari in Hindi

प्यारी👰 सी दोस्ती 👫को सलाम ✋हमारा!!
आप🙎‍♂️ कैसे हैं सवाल 🤷‍♂️हमारा!!
याद करते रहेंगे ये🖕 वादा हमारा!!

pyaaree👰 see dostee 👫ko salaam ✋hamaara!!
aap🙎‍♂ kaise hain savaal 🤷‍♂hamaara!!
yaad karate rahenge ye🖕 vaada hamaara!!

Salute to the sweet friendship ours !!
How are you ️ Question ️ Ours !!
Will keep remembering this promise of ours!!

दुनियादारी🤷‍♂️ में हम थोड़े कच्चे हैं!!
पर दोस्ती🤝 के मामले में 😁सच्चे हैं!!
हमारी🤷‍♂️ सच्चाई बस इस बात पर 🙎कायम है!!
कि हमारे दोस्त🧏‍♂️ हमसे भी अच्छे है!!

duniyaadaaree🤷‍♂ mein ham thode kachche hain!!
par dostee🤝 ke maamale mein 😁sachche hain!!
hamaaree🤷‍♂ sachchaee bas is baat par 🙎kaayam hai!!
ki hamaare dost🧏‍♂ hamase bhee achchhe hai!!

We are a bit raw in worldliness!!
But in the matter of friendship, they are true!!
Our ️ truth just stays on this point !!
That our friends are better than us!!

दोस्त👫 समझते हो तो दोस्ती 🤝निभाते रहना!!
हमें 🙎भी याद करना खुद भी याद 👰आते रहना!!
हमारी 🤷‍♂️तो हर ख़ुशी दोस्तों 👫से ही है!!
हम खुश 😁रहें या ना आप यूँ ही 🤓मुस्कुराते रहना!!

dost👫 samajhate ho to dostee 🤝nibhaate rahana!!
hamen 🙎bhee yaad karana khud bhee yaad 👰aate rahana!!
hamaaree 🤷‍♂to har khushee doston 👫se hee hai!!
ham khush 😁rahen ya na aap yoon hee 🤓muskuraate rahana!!

If you understand friend, then keep on playing friendship !!
Remember us too, keep remembering yourself too!!
️ So every happiness is like this friends !!
We should be happy or not you just keep smiling!!

दोस्ती 🤝दर्द नहीं खुशियों की👰 सौगात है!!
किसी 🧏‍♂️अपने का ज़िंदगी भर का👸 साथ है!!
ये तो ❤️दिलों का वो खूबसूरत🤷‍♂️ एहसास है!!
जिसके🖕 दम से रौशन ये सारी 😘कायनात है!!

dostee 🤝dard nahin khushiyon kee👰 saugaat hai!!
kisee 🧏‍♂apane ka zindagee bhar ka👸 saath hai!!
ye to ❤dilon ka vo khoobasoorat🤷‍♂ ehasaas hai!!
jisake🖕 dam se raushan ye saaree 😘kaayanaat hai!!

Friendship is not a pain but a gift of happiness!!
Someone ️ is with you for the rest of your life !!
This is that beautiful feeling of ️ hearts !!
With whose power this is the whole universe!!

Dosti Par Shayari

दोस्ती 🤝का शुक्रिया कुछ इस तरह 🧏‍♂️अदा करूँ!!
आप भूल 🤷‍♂️भी जाओ तो मैं हर पल 😫याद करूँ!!
खुदा 🤲ने बस इतना सिखाया हैं 🙎‍♂️मुझे!!
कि 🤷‍♂️खुद से पहले आपके लिए✋ दुआ करूँ!!

dostee 🤝ka shukriya kuchh is tarah 🧏‍♂ada karoon!!
aap bhool 🤷‍♂bhee jao to main har pal 😫yaad karoon!!
khuda 🤲ne bas itana sikhaaya hain 🙎‍♂mujhe!!
ki 🤷‍♂khud se pahale aapake lie✋ dua karoon!!

Thank you friendship giving something like this ️ !!
You forget ️ even if you go I will remember every moment !!
God has taught me just this ️ me !!
That ️ I pray for you before myself !!

तेरी दोस्ती👫 ने बहुत कुछ सीखा🧏‍♂️ दिया!!
मेरी 👰खामोश दुनिया🌍 को जैसे हँसा दिया!!
कर्ज़दार👸 हूँ मैं खुदा का, जिस👩‍⚕ ने मुझे!!
आप जैसे दोस्त🙎‍♂️ से मिला दिया !!

teree dostee👫 ne bahut kuchh seekha🧏‍♂ diya!!
meree 👰khaamosh duniya🌍 ko jaise hansa diya!!
karzadaar👸 hoon main khuda ka, jis👩‍⚕ ne mujhe!!
aap jaise dost🙎‍♂ se mila diya !!

Your friendship has learned a lot.
Made my silent world laugh like this!!
I am in debt to God, who has given me !!
Met a friend like you ️ !!

गुलाब🌹 की महक को चुराया👰 नहीं जाता!!
सूरज 🌞की रोशनी को छुपाया नहीं 🤷‍♂️जाता!!
दूरियां 🦹‍♀️चाहे कितनी भी हो 👫दोस्तों में!!
लेकिन🤷‍♂️ चाहकर भी दोस्तों को 🖕भुलाया नहीं जाता!!

gulaab🌹 kee mahak ko churaaya👰 nahin jaata!!
sooraj 🌞kee roshanee ko chhupaaya nahin 🤷‍♂jaata!!
dooriyaan 🦹‍♀chaahe kitanee bhee ho 👫doston mein!!
lekin🤷‍♂ chaahakar bhee doston ko 🖕bhulaaya nahin jaata!!

The smell of the rose is not stolen.
The light of the sun is not hidden.
Distance ️ No matter how much in friends !!
But even after wanting friends are not forgotten !!

लकीरें 🧏‍♂️तो हमारी भी बहुत 👸ख़ास है!!
इसीलिए 🤷‍♂️आप जैसा दोस्त👫 हमारे पास है!!

lakeeren 🧏‍♂to hamaaree bhee bahut 👸khaas hai!!
iseelie 🤷‍♂aap jaisa dost👫 hamaare paas hai!!

Lines ️ So ours is also very special !!
That’s why we have a friend like you!!

सच्ची दोस्ती🤝 बेजुबान होती है!!
ये तो आंखो 👀से बयां होती है!!
दोस्ती👯‍♂️ में दर्द मिले🧎‍♂️ तो क्या!!
दर्द 👩‍🦼में ही दोस्ती👫 की पहचान होती है!!

sachchee dostee🤝 bejubaan hotee hai!!
ye to aankho 👀se bayaan hotee hai!!
dostee👯‍♂ mein dard mile🧎‍♂ to kya!!
dard 👩‍🦼mein hee dostee👫 kee pahachaan hotee hai!!

True friendship is heartless!!
This is what the eyes say!!
If there is a pain in friendship ️ then what !!
Friendship is only in pain !!

Dosti Shayari in Hindi

हम दोस्त👫 बनाकर किसी को रुलाते 🤣नही!!
दिल ❤️में बसाकर किसी को भुलाते🧏‍♂️ नही!!
हम तो दोस्त 👸के लिए जान भी दे 🤷‍♂️सकते हैं!!
पर लोग🧏‍♂️ सोचते हैं की हम दोस्ती 🤝निभाते नहीं!!

ham dost👫 banaakar kisee ko rulaate 🤣nahee!!
dil ❤men basaakar kisee ko bhulaate🧏‍♂ nahee!!
ham to dost 👸ke lie jaan bhee de 🤷‍♂sakate hain!!
par log🧏‍♂ sochate hain kee ham dostee 🤝nibhaate nahin!!

We do not make anyone cry by making friends!!
Do not forget anyone by settling in the heart.
We can even give our lives for a friend !!
But people ️ think that we do not maintain friendship !!

आपकी दोस्ती👫 की एक नजर चाहिए!!
दिल❤️ है बे-घर उसे एक घर🏢 चहिए!!
बस यूही👫 साथ चलते रहो ‘ऐ 🤷‍♂️दोस्त!!
ये दोस्ती🤝 हमे उम्र भर चाहिए!!

aapakee dostee👫 kee ek najar chaahie!!
dil❤ hai be-ghar use ek ghar🏢 chahie!!
bas yoohee👫 saath chalate raho ‘ai 🤷‍♂dost!!
ye dostee🤝 hame umr bhar chaahie!!

Need a look at your friendship!!
The heart is homeless, he needs a home!!
Just keep going with you ‘O ️ friend!!
We need this friendship for a lifetime!!

मेरी दोस्ती🤝 के सारे एहसास 👸लेलो!!
दिल❤️ से प्यार के सारे जज़्बात🖕 लेलो!!
नहीं छोड़ेंगे साथ👰 तुम्हारा!!
चाहे इस 👫दोस्ती के इम्तिहान🙎‍♂️ हजार लेलो!!

meree dostee🤝 ke saare ehasaas 👸lelo!!
dil❤ se pyaar ke saare jazbaat🖕 lelo!!
nahin chhodenge saath👰 tumhaara!!
chaahe is 👫dostee ke imtihaan🙎‍♂ hajaar lelo!!

Take all the feelings of my friends!!
Take all the feelings of love from your heart!!
Won’t leave your side!!
Whether this friendship test️ take thousand!!

हर दोस्त 👫से बात करना फितरत है 🙎हमारी!!
हर दोस्त🤝 खुश रहे हसरत है👰 हमारी!!
कोई🤷‍♂️ हमें याद करे या ना 🖕करे!!
लेकिन 🙎सबको याद करना आदत 🤷‍♂️है हमारी!!

har dost 👫se baat karana phitarat hai 🙎hamaaree!!
har dost🤝 khush rahe hasarat hai👰 hamaaree!!
koee🤷‍♂ hamen yaad kare ya na 🖕kare!!
lekin 🙎sabako yaad karana aadat 🤷‍♂hai hamaaree!!

It is our nature to talk like every friend.
Every friend, be happy, laughter is ours!!
Somebody remember us or not!!
But remembering everyone is our habit.

दोस्ती 🤝चेहरे की मीठी मुस्कान🤓 होती है!!
दोस्ती👫 सुख दुख की पहचान🤷‍♂️ होती है!!
रूठ🧏‍♂️ भी जाए हम तो दिल ❤️से मत लगाना!!
क्योंकि दोस्ती🤷‍♂️ थोड़ी नादान होती है!!

dostee 🤝chehare kee meethee muskaan🤓 hotee hai!!
dostee👫 sukh dukh kee pahachaan🤷‍♂ hotee hai!!
rooth🧏‍♂ bhee jae ham to dil ❤se mat lagaana!!
kyonki dostee🤷‍♂ thodee naadaan hotee hai!!

Friendship is a sweet smile on the face !!
Friendship is the identity of happiness and sorrow.
Even if we get angry, don’t put our hearts!!
Because friendship ️ is a little ignorant !!

Best Dosti Shayari

Dosti Shayari in Hindi Best Friendship Quotes

रिश्तो👰 से बड़ी चाहत और क्या🧏‍♂️ होगी!!
दोस्ती 🤝से बड़ी इबादत और 🖕क्या होगी!!
जिसे दोस्त👫 मिल सके कोई आप 👰जैसा!!
उसे जिंदगी🧏‍♂️ से कोई और शिकायत 🖕क्या होगी!!

rishto👰 se badee chaahat aur kya🧏‍♂ hogee!!
dostee 🤝se badee ibaadat aur 🖕kya hogee!!
jise dost👫 mil sake koee aap 👰jaisa!!
use jindagee🧏‍♂ se koee aur shikaayat 🖕kya hogee!!

What else would be a greater desire than relationships!!
Friendship would be such great worship and what would be !!
Whoever can find a friend, someone like you !!
Will he have any other complaint from life ️ !!

खुशबू👰 की तरह मेरी साँसों🤓 में रहना!!
लहू❤️ बनके मेरी नस-नस में 🧏‍♂️बहना!!
दोस्ती🤝 होती है रिश्तों का अनमोल👰 गहना!!
इसलिए🧏‍♂️ दोस्त को कभी अलविदा ✋न कहना!!

khushaboo👰 kee tarah meree saanson🤓 mein rahana!!
lahoo❤ banake meree nas-nas mein 🧏‍♂bahana!!
dostee🤝 hotee hai rishton ka anamol👰 gahana!!
isalie🧏‍♂ dost ko kabhee alavida ✋na kahana!!

Stay in my breath like a fragrance!!
Becoming blood ️ flowing in my veins ️ !!
Friendship is the precious jewel of relationships!!
So ️ Never say goodbye to a friend !!

गीत🧏‍♂️ की जरुरत महफ़िल🌌 में होती है!!
प्यार 🤷‍♂️की जरुरत हर दिल ❤️में होती है!!
बिना दोस्त👫 के अधूरी है 👸जिंदगी!!
क्योंकि🧏‍♂️ दोस्त की जरुरत हर पल 😫में होती है!!

geet🧏‍♂ kee jarurat mahafil🌌 mein hotee hai!!
pyaar 🤷‍♂kee jarurat har dil ❤men hotee hai!!
bina dost👫 ke adhooree hai 👸jindagee!!
kyonki🧏‍♂ dost kee jarurat har pal 😫mein hotee hai!!

Songs ️ are needed in the gathering !!
Love ️ is needed in every heart ️ !!
Life is incomplete without friends!!
Because ️ friend is needed in every moment !!

कहीं 🌑अंधेरा तो कहीं शाम 🌌होगी!!
मेरी👸 हर ख़ुशी तेरे 🙎नाम होगी!!
कभी मांग👰 कर तो देख हमसे ए 👫दोस्त!!
होंठो 🖕पर हसीं और हथेली 🤛पर जान होगी!!

kaheen 🌑andhera to kaheen shaam 🌌hogee!!
meree👸 har khushee tere 🙎naam hogee!!
kabhee maang👰 kar to dekh hamase e 👫dost!!
hontho 🖕par haseen aur hathelee 🤛par jaan hogee!!

Somewhere it will be dark and somewhere it will be evening !!
My every happiness will be in your name!!
If you ever ask, then see us, friends!!
Laughter on the lips and there will be life on the palm!!

हर मोड़🔄 पर मुकाम 🏢नहीं होता!!
दिल ❤️के रिश्तो का कोई नाम 🧏‍♂️नहीं होता!!
चिराग 🔥की रौशनी से ढूँढा है 👰आपको!!
आप जैसा 👫दोस्त मिलना आसान🌫 नहीं होता!!

har mod🔄 par mukaam 🏢nahin hota!!
dil ❤ke rishto ka koee naam 🧏‍♂naheen hota!!
chiraag 🔥kee raushanee se dhoondha hai 👰aapako!!
aap jaisa 👫dost milana aasaan🌫 nahin hota!!

There is no end at every turn!!
The relationship of the heart ️ has no name ️ !!
I have found you by the light of the lamp.
It’s not easy to find a friend like you!!

Dosti Shayari in Hindi

दिन🌫 बीत जाते है सुहानी🌴 यादें बनकर!!
बाते रह 🌊जाती है कहानी 👸बनकर!!
पर दोस्त👫 तो हमेशा दिल❤️ के करीब रहते है!!
कभी मुस्कान🤓 तो कभी, आँखों👀 का पानी बनकर!!

din🌫 beet jaate hai suhaanee🌴 yaaden banakar!!
baate rah 🌊jaatee hai kahaanee 👸banakar!!
par dost👫 to hamesha dil❤ ke kareeb rahate hai!!
kabhee muskaan🤓 to kabhee, aankhon👀 ka paanee banakar!!

Days pass by becoming pleasant memories!!
The talk remains as a story!!
But friends are always close to the heart !!
Sometimes smile, sometimes, by becoming water of eyes !!

तू दूर🧏‍♂️ है मुझसे और पास👰 भी है!!
तेरी🙎 कमी का एहसास👸 भी है!!
दोस्त 👫तो हमारे लाखो है इस🌊 जहाँ में!!
पर तू👰 प्यारा भी है और खास🧏‍♂️ भी है!!

too door🧏‍♂ hai mujhase aur paas👰 bhee hai!!
teree🙎 kamee ka ehasaas👸 bhee hai!!
dost 👫to hamaare laakho hai is🌊 jahaan mein!!
par too👰 pyaara bhee hai aur khaas🧏‍♂ bhee hai!!

You are far from me and you are also near!!
There is also a feeling of your lack!!
Friend so we have millions in this where I am !!
But you are cute and special too!!

रिश्तों 👰की यह दुनिया🌍 है निराली!!
सब 🧏‍♂️रिश्तों से प्यारी है दोस्ती🤝 तुम्हारी!!
मंज़ूर है🤣 आँसू भी आखो 👀में हमारी!!
अगर आ जाये 🤓मुस्कान होंठों पे तुम्हारी!!

rishton 👰kee yah duniya🌍 hai niraalee!!
sab 🧏‍♂rishton se pyaaree hai dostee🤝 tumhaaree!!
manzoor hai🤣 aansoo bhee aakho 👀mein hamaaree!!
agar aa jaaye 🤓muskaan honthon pe tumhaaree!!

This world of relationships is unique!!
Friendship is dear to all ️ relationships, yours!!
It is accepted, tears also come in our eyes !!
If the smile comes on your lips !!

Dosti Shayari in Hindi Best Friendship Quotes

खुद🤷‍♂️ पे भरोसा है तो खुदा👸 साथ है!!
अपनो 🧏‍♂️पे भरोसा है तो दुआ✋ साथ है!!
जिदंगी👸 से हारना मत ऐ 🙎दोस्त!!
ज़माना 👰हो ना हो ये दोस्त 🤷‍♂️तेरे साथ है!!

khud🤷‍♂ pe bharosa hai to khuda👸 saath hai!!
apano 🧏‍♂pe bharosa hai to dua✋ saath hai!!
jidangee👸 se haarana mat ai 🙎dost!!
zamaana 👰ho na ho ye dost 🤷‍♂tere saath hai!!

If you have faith in yourself, then God is with you!!
If you have faith in your ️ then prayers are with you!!
Don’t give up on life, oh friend!!
The world ho na ho this friend ️ is with you !!

Dosti Pe Shayari

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